Accessorize Your Everyday Outfit Like A Pro

Accessorize Your Everyday Outfit Like A Pro

You stand in front of your mirror with your wardrobe open behind you, tons of clothes, bags, belts piled up on your bed, and you’re wondering what to wear and how to accessorize it.

Your mind struggles with indecisiveness because you don’t know which belt goes with which jeans and which shoe style and color match your handbag. Your jewelry box also seems to be going through a catastrophe with all your earrings and rings scattered on your dressing table, partly because you’re running late or maybe you’re frustrated because it seems like nothing fits together.

If you’re going through such hassle every day when going out for university, office, or a casual hangout with your friends, we’ve got you covered. Our main objective in this blog is to brighten your days with tips and tricks that fit into the current fashion trends and give you an insight into go-to accessories that can match any outfit. The best clothing outfit involves three main statement pieces: jewelry, shoes, and handbag or purse.

Look stylish yet elegant with Vigilance.

  • Rock Your Style with Jewelry

Accessorizing has to be an uncomplicated and unchallenging task. A trendy and stylish piece that effortlessly makes your outfit look extraordinary is a must. Whether you decide to go simple in your attire or have a drab outfit that you wish to rock, your jewelry styling can add all the glam you want. Adding diamonds and pearls can really balance you out for style yet simplicity. For V-neck dresses, wearing long necklaces is preferable. A pendant necklace would do, but a lariat necklace will look classy. Not only will they elongate your neckline, but they make you look leaner and taller. Delicate, thin gold chains are good to go with round necks, complementing your collar bone.

You can casually wear band rings to workplaces along with your coat-pants and a high ponytail, while your exposed ears are complemented by thin gold or silver rings – further adding to your sophisticated look. You can brush the burden off your shoulders by choosing the right jewelry today!

  • Shoes Can Make A Huge Difference

Among the various shoe options to choose from, including pumps, heels, boots, and flats, are you confused with which type goes with what dress? Make sure you’ve got at least a pair of block heels in your closet as a go-to option to match with almost anything and everything that you wear.

If you’re feeling sporty, consider going for sneakers and pumps to add on the super cool look on your short dress. Business dresses at the workplace require plain black shoes with a closed toe, with a heel (no higher than 4 inches). Contrary to that, stilettoes higher than 4 inches are just perfect for a dreamy date night in the evening. Moreover, knee-high boots paired with a mini skirt can give a cozy winter vibe, while cowboy boots always pair with a midi-dress, and you can’t help but feel winsome. They excel in providing stability with some height.

  • Bags: A Fashion Statement You Can’t Deny

Ever wondered why the most iconic scenes in fashion movies involve a lady always holding her purse right, or walking straight, carrying her big hand back, all confident? The importance of bags is that they can either make or break your style. While you’re looking for the perfect handbag, it’s essential to look for durability, style, and affordability all at once.

While this may seem an arduous task, we’ve got you covered at Vigilance. Our variety of bags starts with Boho bags, bucket bags, crossbody bags, and shoulder sling bags for everyday use. Quilted bags of leather and shoulder purses with chains are flawless for an evening outing, and clutches seem like a classic option if you want to carry small.

The Bottom Line

While the accessories list can go on and on, some underrated accessories significantly impact personality, confidence, overall look, and hence your public image. These include watches, belts, sunglasses, and hats for various occasions and frosting up diverse dressing flairs. They say fashion speaks for you, and it’s high time you believe that as it carries the hidden power to express your inner state outwardly.

It’s time to slay! If you’re confused with where to find all the accessories in one place, check out our online store at Vigilance and pick what suits you best. Best of luck shopping!

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